Tiger Woods says he never knew about talking-points document included in Florida lawsuit


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Days after hundreds of pages of documents were made public by a Florida court, Tiger Woods has spoken out regarding one of the filings.

The documents, which were obtained by GolfChannel.com after several pages were first shared by the anonymous Twitter account @desertdufferLLG, are part of a pending antitrust lawsuit brought against the PGA Tour by attorney Larry Klayman in the 15th Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County, Florida. The 357 pages of filings include emails, press clippings, meeting rundowns, investment agreements and more.

The Tour has yet to comment on any of the 357 pages of documents.

This lawsuit is unrelated to the previous litigation between the Tour and LIV Golf.

Three of the pages are of a Word document titled, “Jay Monahan’s Remarks,” and include not only talking points for the Tour commissioner for a June 21, 2022, town-hall meeting with players at the Travelers Championship but also potential talking points – nearly two full pages – for Tiger Woods.

Woods, however, revealed Sunday evening via Twitter that he didn’t attend the meeting and wasn’t aware of the document until this weekend.

“In response to the talking points memo released this weekend, I have never seen this document until today, and I did not attend the players meeting for which it was prepared at the 2022 Travelers,” Woods wrote.

According to directions slated for Woods in the document, he was supposed to ask Monahan and all Tour staff to leave the room. The talking points scripted for Woods included:

• Comparing his portion of the meeting to a player-only huddle prior to a big Sunday singles session at the Ryder Cup, and then saying, “I think Jay – our captain in this scenario – is working his ass off.”

• Also of Monahan: “He’s the right guy for this war. He’s a fighter.”

• In bold: “We have to actively participate in defending the PGA Tour. It’s time to join the fight.”

• “You know, Charlie (Tiger’s son) is a pretty good player … maybe some day he will be a professional golfer at the highest level. When and if that happens, I want him to be a PGA Tour member, and I want the PGA Tour to look like it does now – only better.”

• “So when you ask – what can I do? I have two ideas: First, do what I did: tell the Saudis to go f— themselves. And mean it. Second, tell the world – over and over, any chance you get – that you are sticking with the Tour because you are part of something bigger than yourself. That you are the PGA Tour and the PGA Tour is you. That it’s damn good, and it’s worth fighting for.”

Woods continues to recover from April subtalar fusion surgery on his right leg, and no timetable has been given for his return to competition. He also has not publicly commented on the recently announced framework agreement between the Tour, DP World Tour and PIF.