Andy Murray beaten at the US Open by classy Grigor Dimitrov

Andy Murray, of Great Britain, reacts during a match against Grigor Dimitrov, of Bulgaria, during the second round of the U.S. Open tennis championships, Thursday, Aug. 31, 2023, in New York

Andy Murray endured a torrid afternoon on Arthur Ashe – AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Andy Murray is out of the US Open after falling in straight sets to Bulgaria Grigor Dimitrov.

After a first-set which featured numerous incredible rallies and superb shotmaking, Murray struggled to get on terms with his opponent, eventually succumbing 6-3, 6-4, 6-1 in sweltering conditions on Arthur Ashe.

A double-point on match point felt symbolic after what was an uncharacteristically flat performance from the 2012 US Open champion.

Jack Draper and Katie Boulter got a big day for Britain at the US Open off to the best possible start by each winning their respective second-round matches.

Draper made quick work of No 17 seed Hubert Hurkacz, beating the Pole 6-2, 6-4, 7-5 on Court 12, while Boulter fought back from a set down to beat Wang Yafan 5-7, 6-1, 6-4.

John Isner, playing his final tournament as a professional, will be Draper’s third-round opponent. Boutler will face American Peyton Stearns in the next round.

Elsewhere, Jodie Burrage is out after succumbing 6-3, 6-2 to No 2 seed Aryna Sabalenka

Murray crashes out of US Open, as it happened

08:35 PM BST

Another US Open over for Murray

Andy Murray beaten at the US Open by classy Grigor Dimitrov - latest reaction

Andy Murray waves to the crowd as he leaves the court – Getty Images/Matthew Stockman

08:24 PM BST

Dimitrov reacts

I am very happy with the performance today. I was expecting five sets. That first set was definitely the key. After that I settled in a bit more.

08:15 PM BST

Dimitrov’s slice

84 per cent of Dimitrov’s backhands were sliced. Just 16 per cent were top spin.

The court map showed Dimitrov targeted Murray’s backhand with his slice and Briton just wasn’t able to hurt him.

08:12 PM BST

‘A flat end to Murray’s grand slam season’

08:06 PM BST

‘Death by thousand slices’

An apt description of the match from Martina Navratilova.

08:02 PM BST

Murray beaten

Murray is warmly applauded as he waves and leaves the court. All credit to Dimitrov for nullifying Murray’s game.

Andy Murray beaten at the US Open by classy Grigor Dimitrov - latest reaction

Andy Murray reacts in frustration – Reuters/Brendan Mcdermid

08:00 PM BST

Murray 3-6, 4-6, 1-6 Dimitrov*

In truth, Dimitrov has been too strong for Murray today. The use of his slice has been exceptional.

A Murray double fault gives Dimitrov two match points. Murray saves the first after a rare sliced backhand error from Dimitrov. Then the second with just his second ace of the match.

Running Dimitrov cross-court backhand winner, third match point. Murray applauds the greatness of that shot.

Murray double fault. GAME. SET. MATCH DIMITROV.

Murray’s 2023 US Open is over.

07:55 PM BST

Murray* 3-6, 4-6, 1-5 Dimitrov

Murray has a look at an inside-out forehand but nets, 30-30. Heavyweight hitting from Murray to earn a break point with a cross-court backhand winner.

Murray has a chance to come forward but opts against it, retreating to the baseline and then sending a backhand into the tramlines.

Murray does come forward on the next point, it’s the right decision for me but Dimitrov produces an outrageous sliced backhand down the line winner. It really has been a sliced backhand masterclass from him.

Dimitrov holds to move a game away from the match.

07:45 PM BST

Murray 3-6, 4-6, 1-4 Dimitrov*

Murray attacks the net but Dimitrov’s sliced backhand catches him out and he nets, 15-30.

Murray pushes a forehand long, 30-40. If Dimitrov breaks here, it’s over…

Murray backhand into the net and Dimitrov gets the double break.

07:40 PM BST

Murray* 3-6, 4-6, 1-3 Dimitrov

Two sets point for Murray come and go much to his frustration. Murray’s just hasn’t been able to neutralise Dimitrov’s sliced backhand.

Overhead smash from the Bulgarian to hold. Murray says ‘he’s got no energy’.

07:34 PM BST

Murray 3-6, 4-6, 1-2 Dimitrov*

Murray desperately needs this game to give himself the lead. Feels like he’s been playing catch-up all match.

Murray screams in frustration after netting a backhand, deuce.

Double fault Murray, break point. Another tension-filled rally and Murray sends a backhand into the tramlines to drop serve again.

Too many missed first serves prove to be his undoing.

07:27 PM BST

Murray* 3-6, 4-6, 1-1 Dimitrov

The sun has moved across and it means the shade has returned, further compounding Murray’s woes.

Vintage Murray backhand winner down the line, 0-30. Two break points for Murray.

Dimitrov slice backhand drifts long and Murray breaks back. Really poor service game from the Bulgarian.

Is he starting to feel it physically?

07:22 PM BST

Third set: Murray 3-6, 4-6, 0-1 Dimitrov* (*denotes next server)

Dimitrov runs around his backhand to hit a forehand winner down the line, 15-30. Dimitrov pushes Murray wide and Murray nets a forehand, two break points.

Murray saves the first break point. But not the second as he drags a forehand wide. Murray has lost his opening serve game in every set.

Hard to see him coming back from this.

Andy Murray vs Grigor Dimitrov, US Open live: Score and latest updates

Grigor Dimitrov returns a shot to Andy Murray – AP/Mary Altaffer

07:14 PM BST

Murray* 3-6, 4-6 Dimitrov

Murray thinks about tossing his racket in frustration after a missed return makes it 30-15. Another gruelling rally, 20 shots, and it ends with Dimitrov slicing a backhand into the net, 30-30.

Huge point coming up. Murray return long. Bad miss and he knows it.

Set point Dimitrov. Murray forehand wide and as we hit the two-hour mark, Dimitrov takes the second set.

07:09 PM BST

Murray 3-6, 4-5 Dimitrov*

Murray grinding hard out there. He’s put a bit more power into his shots and it’s reflected in just his second forehand winner of the match, 40-15.

Murray holds to make Dimitrov serve for a two-set lead on Ashe.

07:04 PM BST

Murray* 3-6, 3-5 Dimitrov

Murray is playing better now, trying to be more aggressive and apply pressure with his returns. He is asking a few more questions of Dimitrov.

Back-to-back double faults by Dimitrov and it’s 30-40.

Longest rally of the match – 33 shots. So tense and physical. Dimitrov comes to the net, Murray gets a look at a backhand pass. He should make it. In years gone by he always made it. But not today as the ball drops wide.

Dimitrov escapes with his lead still intact. The one that got away for Murray perhaps.

06:54 PM BST

Murray 3-6, 3-4 Dimitrov*

Murray hasn’t really found the answer to Dimitrov’s approach today. His mum Judy gives him some encouraging words for the first time.

And they do the trick as Murray keeps himself in this with a hold to 30.

Andy Murray vs Grigor Dimitrov, US Open live: Score and latest updates

Andy Murray reacts – Getty Images/Elsa

06:50 PM BST

Murray* 3-6, 2-4 Dimitrov

Brilliant defence from Dimitrov to keep himself alive in the point, Murray has an easy mid-court ball to finish but puts his drop shot into the net, 30-0.

Lovely exchange with Murray attacking the net and Dimitrov trying to pass him but the point ends when the latter’s lob goes long.

Ace by Dimitrov to hold.

06:43 PM BST

Murray 3-6, 2-3 Dimitrov*

The shade on the court has gone which should help the players with visibility.

World class backhand winner down the line from Dimitrov, 30-15. The biggest compliment I can give is that it looked like Federer hit that shot.

Murray doesn’t do enough with his forehand approach shot and he is punished as Dimitrov drills another backhand down the line for a winner.

Murray holds when Dimitrov nets a forehand.

06:39 PM BST

Murray* 3-6, 1-3 Dimitrov

A rare drive backhand from Dimitrov but it works for him as he hits a cross court winner, 30-0.

Fourth ace of the match makes it 40-0. Murray backhand volley long and Dimitrov holds.

06:36 PM BST

Boulter wins!!

06:34 PM BST

Draper wins!!

06:33 PM BST

Murray 3-6, 1-2 Dimitrov*

Dimitrov is almost exclusively hitting sliced backhand, moving Murray left and right. The Briton doesn’t look comfortable but an overhead smash winner gives him a vital hold.

06:32 PM BST

Murray* 3-6, 0-2 Dimitrov

Five games in a row now for Dimitrov, who is stamping his authority on the match.

Murray looks a forlorn figure.

06:27 PM BST

Second set: Murray 3-6, 0-1 Dimitrov*

Must win set for Murray because I can’t see him fighting back from two sets down.

The crowd are trying to rally Murray but it doesn’t seem to be working. A rare foray into the net ends with Murray pushing a volley into the tramlines.

He then nets a backhand to give Dimitrov two break points. Murray has won just 3 of the last 15 points.

Murray saves the first break point. And the second after a much-needed big first serve.

Defensive backhand slice by Murray into the net, third break point. Murray’s shots are landing too short and he is punished as Dimitrov steps inside the court to hit a forehand winner to break.

Andy Murray vs Grigor Dimitrov, US Open live: Score and latest updates

Andy Murray lost the opening set – Getty Images/Elsa

06:17 PM BST

Murray* 3-6 Dimitrov

Murray’s frustrations are clear as he kicks the ball after his backhand is called wide, 15-15. Second ace of the match from Dimitrov, 30-15.

Two set points for Dimitrov after Murray’s forehand is narrowly wide. Murray forehand into the tramlines and Dimitrov takes the opening set.

Murray grumbling towards his box at the tail end of the set, that’s not a good sign for him.

06:14 PM BST

Murray 3-5 Dimitrov*

Back-to-back double faults from Murray to start the game. He seems to be struggling badly with his ball toss.

He then tamely nets a forehand to slip to 0-40. Murray forehand is called wide and Dimitrov breaks.

To drop serve after all the effort he’s put in is hugely disappointing for Murray. He gave that game away.

06:09 PM BST

Murray* 3-4 Dimitrov

Murray misjudges a drop shot, allowing Dimitrov to race in and finish with a backhand winner, 40-15. Probably not the best idea by Murray to hit too many drop shots against one of the fastest movers on the tour.

Murray backhand long and Dimitrov leads again.

Andy Murray vs Grigor Dimitrov, US Open live: Score and latest updates

Andy Murray hits a return to Grigor Dimitrov – Getty Images/Ed Jones

06:05 PM BST

Murray 3-3 Dimitrov*

The fans on Arthur Ashe are really getting their dollars worth. The average rally length on the Dimitrov serve is nine shots.

But in this service game for Murray, he holds to 15 in a much-needed comfortable hold.

05:58 PM BST

Murray* 2-3 Dimitrov

It has been a very demanding match and this is in the midday heat as well. But the quality of tennis has been very high so far.

Dimitrov continues to use his backhand slice in rallies but a forehand error gives Murray a break point.

Timely first ace of the match by Dimitrov to get back to deuce. Dimitrov holds on to take the lead again.

05:52 PM BST

Watch: Incredible shot by Murray

05:51 PM BST

Murray 2-2 Dimitrov*

Dimitrov is using the backhand slice down the line a lot and it is causing Murray some trouble. Another Murray forehand error gives Dimitrov a break point.

Big 122mph serve from Murray to save break point. Murray complains that he can’t see the ball due to the shade. Most of the service breaks have come from the far side.

Break point Dimitrov after a 22-shot rally. Dimitrov slices a backhand into the net, deuce. We are approaching the 10 minute mark now.

This has been a very physical start to the match. What an effort from Murray to finally hold and get level.

Andy Murray vs Grigor Dimitrov live: Score and latest US Open updates

Grigor Dimitrov returns a shot to Andy Murray – AP/Mary Altaffer

05:37 PM BST

Murray* 1-2 Dimitrov

The ball striking from both players has been pretty impressive. The players have noted that the court plays a bit quicker during the day compared to the evening.

Murray hasn’t found his range yet as he sends another forehand long, 30-15. But a double fault and an overhead smash long from Dimitrov gives Murray a break back chance.

Opportunity for Murray to pass Dimitrov at the net with his backhand but the ball sails long. That was a bad miss.

Rally of the match so far, Murray dictates from the baseline, pushing Dimitrov wide and eventually the Bulgarian nets a sliced backhand.

Dimitrov saves the break point when his forehand catches the baseline and Murray can’t get the ball back in play.

We pass the 11 minute mark and neither player is yet able to win this game. Incredible hustle from Dimitrov, Murray must think he’s won the point at least three times but the Bulgarian holds his nerve to win it.

Oh my word. Remember this man has a metal hip but he sprints to a ball that has clipped the net, gets there and angles the ball over the net for a winner. Unreal.

Dimitrov backhand volley into the net and Murray finally breaks after 15 enthralling minutes.

05:20 PM BST

Murray 0-2 Dimitrov*

A couple of errors from Murray means he slips to 0-30. A forehand into the net by Murray means he is in immediate trouble on serve as he faces three break points.

Murray’s movement looks a bit sluggish and he nets another forehand to concede the break.

Not the best start from the three-time grand slam winner.

05:16 PM BST

First Set: Andy Murray* 0-1 Grigor Dimitrov (*denotes next server)

The Arthur Ashe stadium is the biggest in the world but with its roof, it creates a rather annoying shade in the middle of the day. So 80 per cent of Murray’s side of the court is covered.

Dimitrov holds comfortably to 15 to start the match.

05:07 PM BST

Coming up…

05:03 PM BST

Boulter loses first set

After failing to take three set points, Boulter is broken in the very next game and Wang serves out the set to love, winning it 7-5.

Boulter is on the back foot on Court 5.

04:55 PM BST

Boulter squander three set points

After breaking back, the British No 1 earns herself two set points at 4-5 but fails to take them.

She gets a third set point after a cross-court forehand winner but can’t take it after netting a forehand.

04:48 PM BST

First set Draper

The young Briton has made an excellent start against Hurkacz, taking the first set 6-2.

Draper has looked assured, aggressive and patient. This would be a major scalp for him if he gets the job done.

Andy Murray vs Grigor Dimitrov live: Score and latest US Open updates

Jack Draper won the first set – Getty Images /Al Bello

04:39 PM BST

Swiatek & Murray in mixed doubles?

04:30 PM BST

Contrasting starts for Draper and Boulter

Out on Court 5, Boulter is down a break at 2-3 to Yafan Wang while on Court 12 Draper has made a confident start against 17th seed Hubert Hurkacz, breaking to lead 2-1.

04:17 PM BST

A taster of what could be in store between Murray and Dimitrov

04:10 PM BST

US Open day four order of play

Arthur Ashe Stadium

5pm UK time (12pm local)

Not before 7pm UK time

Louis Armstrong Stadium

4pm UK time (11am local)

  • Lorenzo Sonego (Italy) v 6-Jannik Sinner (Italy)

  • Jodie Burrage (GB) v 2-Aryna Sabalenka (Belarus)

  • 26-Elina Svitolina (Ukraine) v Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (Russia)

Not before 7pm UK time

Find the rest of Thursday’s schedule here

04:00 PM BST

US Open Day four

Hello and welcome to day four of the US Open with six Brits in action at Flushing Meadows.

Andy Murray headlines the action as he faces Grigor Dimitrov in the opening match on Arthur Ashe Stadium. An intriguing sub-plot to the showdown is that Dimitrov is being coached by Dani Vallverdu and Jamie Delgado, who have both worked with Murray. But the three-time US Open champion insists he isn’t worried.

“I’ve played quite a lot of matches against ex-coaches. I think I’ve only lost once,” he said. “So, yeah, I’ve said this a lot: it’s not just with me, but with tennis in general, certain things look sort of easy from the outside, strategy-wise or tactically against lots of players.

“Once you get on the court, it’s not always that easy to just go out and execute it. It’s difficult. Shots that maybe look like they’re easy to attack, when you’re out there, it’s not quite the same.

“I mean, it probably should be a big advantage for him to have two guys that have worked with me over the years.”

Elsewhere, our coverage begins with updates on Katie Boulter and Jack Draper, who are also in second-round action.
Jodie Burrage, Cameron Norrie and Dan Evans also play today are looking to keep the British tennis flag flying in New York.

“Having other Brits do well in the draw’s amazing for British tennis,” Draper said. “You always say it, but we can all push each other to be better. I don’t think there should be any difference.

“Seeing other players do well that I’m training with on a daily basis makes me really happy because I see what they’re going through, their journey. I wish them all the best and hopefully we can all support each other moving forward in big tournaments like this.”

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